Dining Out for Life — An Awesome Day of Volunteering

19 May

In an effort to try and update my blog and fill in a month’s worth of posts, I will be doing my best over the next week or so to update on a daily basis about what has been going on in my life. This post covers April 24 which is nowhere near today’s date, but it’s a start.

The 24th was an interesting day. My mother and I were fortunate enough to volunteer with The Center in San Diego. They host an event called Dining Out For Life every year that supports HIV/AIDS awareness, care, etc. and one of our family friends who worked there asked for our help by cash counting.

We left the house around seven or eight in the morning and were down at The Center by eight thirty. We were quickly briefed on the event, its turnout and what we would be doing as volunteers and then off we went to count money. It was really fun and I don’t think that I’ll ever see that much fundraising activity in one room again, but it was a cool thing to do and I’m very glad that I did it. We got done around three p.m. before we headed back home to relax and have dinner.

I went and picked up my race medals around four and for $6, I am incredibly pleased with them. I can’t wait to take my other medals there in the future. Until then, though, I only have three+ weeks of blog posts to fill in for!


An Apology

19 May

I would like to send my most sincere apologies to my followers and readings for leaving this blog so inactive for the last month. In the last month, my life has habitually been turned onto its ear and I have been unable to update either of my blogs like I would like to have done. I will be doing my best to update and keep up with this blog over the next week, as I am currently in my last leg of finals and am finally getting all my poor ducks into a row.

One Pound at a Time

24 Apr


Almost 10 pounds down, now. Slowly, but surely. Today the scale said 158.2. I was so shocked that I reweighed  at least four more times. HARD WORK IS THE ONLY HEALTH GIMMICK THAT PAYS OFF!

DIY: Race Bib/Medal Holder

20 Apr

Today was the day that I finally went ahead and made myself a race bib/medal holder. I’d been promising myself that I’d do it for a while, but for some reason or another, I never ended up getting the project started (or finished). Today, though, after getting my haircut, I headed over to Michael’s and picked up a wood plaque and some paint to begin my adventure.

Honestly, the whole process was pretty simple once I figured out how I wanted things to be laid out. If I wasn’t a math person, it probably wouldn’t have been as fun to design, but after I figured out where everything was going to go, and I painted the board, everything seemed to come together really quickly. I did run out of square “L” hooks and I’ll have to go buy some more at the store pretty soon, but overall I’m very pleased with the results–and it didn’t hurt that my nicest, most colorful bib just happened to be the most recent, either.

Tomorrow, I plan to go out with my best friend Frie to the mall, which will allow me to stop by the vinyl decal kiosk while we’re there. I’m not quite sure what I want to stick across the top, but it just needs one last little something. Oh! And the reason that neither of my 10K medals are hanging up on the wall is because I dropped them off this afternoon at the engraver’s. I’m getting my race times put onto the back of each one so that I can tell my times for each race without having to look on Athlinks.com or flip through my race bibs. Hopefully they’ll turn out nice. The guy is only charging me $3 per medal.

I’m off to be buried in homework for the rest of the weekend. Once I head down to SO’s house, it’s all about getting all my chores for other people done before I scrounge out the remaining time to get my classwork done. Cheers.



My First Pattern

19 Apr

My First Pattern

Up until Wednesday, I’d never published a pattern. With the encouragement of some ravelry users, though, I finally buckled down and wrote out the pattern for my 10,000 Memories afghan. In less than 24 hours my pattern had hit number one in the crochet section of ‘hot right now’ and number six overall with almost one hundred fifty favorites. If you’re interested in the pattern, it can be found by clicking on the picture above. Hope you like it!


Peace Love Run 10K

14 Apr

Set a new PR today and was delighted to have my mom there to see it! And we got to come home with some swag, too: a groovy VW bus finisher medal and tech tee for each of us.

They’re having another run here later in the year. I will definitely be running it again. Parking was easy; the area was gorgeous, and the fun I had can never be matched.


11 Apr

Although the weekend was rather quiet and enjoyable, that last four days have been beyond hectic. I am so glad that today is Thursday. I’m not even sure where this week went. It’s like Monday happened and then ‘BAM!’ it’s today.

As reported last week, my boss gave me a few extra hours at work this week. I was amazed how even just an extra hour of work on Monday could completely alter or affect my schedule. By the time I’d left the offices, gotten my chores done, and driven home, it was something like eight or nine o’clock and I still had to study for exams.

The office was absolutely nuts that day and it seems like Mondays are going to continue to be atrocious for the rest of the semester. I was in the office by myself for the two busiest hours of the day and normally that would be fine, but for some reason it was absolutely exhausting this week and no matter how many students I helped, it just seemed like nothing I could do eased the craziness. When four o’clock rolled in and the two night staff members came in, all I remember is putting my head down on a desk in the back and sitting there long enough that one of them asked if I was all right.

Ever since I woke up on Tuesday, I’ve had this terrible knot in my right scapula that just won’t go away. It got bad enough that I’ve actually had to take ibuprofen for it, which to me is just amazing. I don’t take medicine unless I absolutely have to have it. It’s just not in my nature, but Advil isn’t even cutting it anymore.

Thankfully, Tuesday was much more calm and relaxed. I got half of the office’s courtesy calls done before eleven and by the time I got back from my anthropology test and computer class, I was able to just sit back and help students. It was wonderful. And then when I got to SO’s house, things got even better because he agreed to go to the gym and the yarn store with me after dinner. My run didn’t end up being that great, but it was nice to get some exercise before heading home and studying a bit before bed around midnight.

Wednesday was pretty much like Tuesday. I worked in the morning, headed to class, and then went over to SO’s house. We were supposed to go to the gym again, but I felt like I was starting to get sick, so we ended up going to the yarn store and out to lunch before heading over to State for our classes there. We got back to home base around eight p.m. and went for frozen yogurt, but I was exhausted. I actually had to take a nap before driving home because I was that tired. I was happy to make it home safely, but it goes without saying that tonight I will be going to bed early and sleeping in tomorrow morning. All that’s on my plate for tomorrow is  homework, playing catchup with my television, and some yarn work if there’s time.

Hopefully by the time Sunday rolls around, I’ll be feeling 100% again. I have a 10K to run with my mom on Sunday of this week.